4 Signs You Need New Brake Pads

Ensuring your brakes are in good condition is vital for the safety of you and your passengers. Many drivers ignore common issues with their brake pads until something goes wrong, but if you don’t take care of this problem as soon as possible it could lead to more serious damage to your vehicle. Merrill Automotive is your go-to auto repair shop in Lakewood, Wheat Ridge and Edgewater, and can help you with all of your brake pad repair and replacement needs. Continue reading to learn the four signs that you need new brake pads and contact us today for our brake services.

Signs You Need New Brake Pads

Squealing Noises

When your brake pads have worn down enough, they will begin to make a loud squealing sound when you apply the brakes. This is an early warning sign that it’s time to replace them. Don’t wait until your brakes stop working completely and schedule a brake pad replacement with Merrill Automotive today to avoid more serious damage to your vehicle.

Clicking Noises

It’s normal for your brakes to make a clicking noise when you apply them at low speeds. However, if they start making this noise while on the highway or when driving at higher speeds, it could be caused by the metal on metal contact in the braking system, which should always be avoided as it can lead to more serious damage to your vehicle. Come into Merrill Automotive for a brake replacement if you are hearing any odd clicking noises.

Signs You Need New Brake Pads

Slow to Come to a Stop

If your car is taking longer than normal to come to a complete stop, it could be because your brakes are overheating from worn-out brake pads, which can eventually cause your brakes to fail. At the first sign of this problem, bring your car into Merrill Automotive for a quick brake pad replacement.

Car Pulls to One Side When Stopping

This could be a sign that the braking system is imbalanced and needs to be fixed immediately. Ignoring this problem can lead to decreased stopping power and even complete brake failure. Contact Merrill Automotive today for brake repair and replacement services.

4 signs you need new brake pads

If you’re driving and you’re experiencing any of these four signs, then it’s time to replace your brake pads. Merrill Automotive can provide you with brake pad replacement today as well as quality automotive care for years to come. Schedule an appointment today!