Green Business Initiatives

At Merrill Automotive, we’re committed to being the most environmentally friendly auto repair shop in Lakewood, Colorado. Many local auto repair shops label themselves as “green” without actually altering their practices, and many more operate with no regard for the environment at all. Merrill Automotive is different. We provide exceptional and reliable auto repair services to the Lakewood and Denver-Metro areas, with initiatives that are truly designed to preserve the planet we love!

Recycling Auto Fluids

Recycling Auto Repair Fluids

Being a green auto repair shop starts with recycling the fluids that are integral to your vehicle’s operation. As part of our full-service auto repair and maintenance services, we’ll inspect and replace any oils, lubricants, coolants, or other fluids that need attention to keep your car running its best.


You can rest assured, though, knowing that we responsibly recycle all of our used fluids. Refrigerant, for example, is properly recovered by our certified technicians during repairs, then cleaned and returned to your vehicle. This eliminates adding harmful waste to the environment, while ensuring that your car or truck stays in top condition. As a local, green auto repair shop, these recycling efforts are applied to how we approach all vehicle fluids. We care about the Lakewood environment just as much as we care about the Lakewood community and their cars, so we take great pride in our environmentally friendly fluid recycling initiatives.

Recycling Auto Repair Materials

Recycling solid materials responsibly and efficiently is another practice that helps Merrill Automotive be the most environmentally friendly auto repair facility in the Denver area. After we replace a flat tire or a serious blowout, we recycle the tire so it can be repurposed, rather than sitting in a landfill. Other used parts and metals are also recycled, giving them renewed life after their time in your vehicle is done. By partaking in these green initiatives, we’re doing our part to make sure that we have enough raw materials to support our vehicles and industries for years to come, without leaving a mess behind.

Recycling Auto Materials
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Refilling, Rebuilding, and Remanufacturing

Some car components are too specialized to recycle through traditional methods. This doesn’t stop us, though — we pride ourselves on being a local auto repair shop that supports global environmental efforts. For us and our automotive repair services, that includes specific practices designed to deal with specialized car components in the most environmentally conscious way possible.

If we ever need to replace a “hard” auto part on your vehicle, the old one will be sent back to the manufacturer for rebuilding and reuse. We also return old car batteries to the appropriate suppliers so they can be remanufactured and used again. Finally, we strive to eliminate aerosols in our byproducts by refilling spray bottles and utilizing them responsibly. Not only do we provide great service and repair deals, but you can rest assured knowing our services are environmentally friendly.

Minimizing Energy and Material Usage

As a green auto repair shop in Lakewood, Merrill Automotive also emphasizes the practice of reducing our energy and material consumption. Our state-of-the-art auto repair facility employs LED lighting throughout to minimize electricity usage. We also perform our thorough inspection services with a digital focus, avoiding printing on paper whenever possible. As a result, our environmental footprint is minimal, making us a local auto repair shop that you can feel good about taking your vehicle to.

These green initiatives are just some of Merrill Automotive’s dedicated environmental efforts. In fact, there are too many to list individually! If you’re looking for a local, green auto repair shop near Lakewood, there is only one choice that balances unmatched customer service with concern for the environment. If your car needs repairs and you would like to support a healthy planet to drive on, don’t hesitate to contact us or make a reservation today!

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