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Engine Service

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The Best Auto Repair in Wheat Ridge — Merrill Automotive 

Are you looking for auto repair in Wheat Ridge, CO? You’ve come to the right place. With over 90 years in the business, Merrill Automotive is the best auto repair shop in the Wheat Ridge area. 

We provide full-service automotive repairs on all types of vehicles, and our experienced technicians welcome every make and model to our shop in Lakewood, CO

Wheat Ridge Auto Repair Services

Finding the right mechanic for your auto repair needs saves you time, money, and the stress of sudden breakdowns. We are a full-service auto repair shop, which means we deliver everything your car could need, from oil changes and tire repair to filter replacement and engine repairs

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Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Lakewood, CO

Our Top-Rated Auto Repair Services

Factory Maintenance for All Makes and Models

Do you know how often you should change brake pads on your car? When was the last time you had your tires rotated to prevent uneven tread wear? These are all questions you don’t have to worry about when you bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop in Lakewood, CO.

We handle all of the maintenance needs for your vehicle according to manufacturer guidelines. We also make individual repairs as needed to keep your vehicle operating at peak performance. 

Engine Repairs and Maintenance 

Be it gas or Diesel, engines need the best repairs to prevent unnecessary damage. Only a certified engine specialist should work on your engine, as it takes inside knowledge to know all the unique features and designs of different car manufacturers engines.

From SUVs to family mini-vans, pick-up trucks, and standard four-door sedans, we offer engine repair in Wheat Ridge that resolve any problems you might be experiencing. 

Safety is always our top priority, but we’ll also suggest minor repairs and adjustments that could make your engine run better and last longer. This saves you money on maintenance and helps you avoid costly repairs down the road.

Engine Repair in Denver, CO
Brake Repair in Wheat Ridge CO

Brake Repairs

No one wants to imagine their car without brakes, and we make sure you never have to drive with anxiety over a faulty brake system. Our brake and transmission technicians can resolve any issue that may impact your brakes, like low brake fluid, loose brake pedals, and blown fuses. 

We will ensure that your car is as safe as possible to drive. If you experience any trouble with your braking, we encourage you to reach out to us right away. 

Oil Change 

In general, cars and trucks need their oil changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, but there are exceptions. Low oil in a car will eventually ruin your engine, since its gears will grind and damage one another without proper lubrication. 

Our technicians can easily refill your oil, flush out old fluid, and replace your oil filter to make sure your engine is always able to do its job with ease.

Recycle Used Oils and Lubricants
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Additional Services



  • Suspension Repairs — Keep your car, truck, or SUV steering smoothly with our affordable suspension repairs.


  • Transmission Repairs — From low transmission fluid to a gears slipping, we can troubleshoot and resolve common transmission problems with expert service.


  • Digital Vehicle Inspections — We perform in-depth diagnostics and send you helpful videos, photos, and text reports with our mechanic’s recommendations.

The Most Trusted Auto Repair in Wheat Ridge 

We have been proudly taking care of drivers in our community for decades. Founded in 1928, Merrill Automotive has become a household name in the area, and we love helping generations of families get the most out of their vehicles. 

In addition to providing a full range of automotive repair services, we also take the time to know our customers, understand their needs, and make sure you have all the information you need to keep your vehicle running for years without issue. 

Whether you’re a gearhead like us or no nothing about cars, we will offer explanations with every job that ensure you understand exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle and how our services can fix it. 

Reasons to Choose Merrill Automotive 

  • Established in 1928 — Over 90 years in business! 
  • ASE-certified technicians and auto repair specialists
  • All makes and models of domestic and foreign vehicles 
  • 2-year/24,000 warranty on all services
  • Convenient Lakewood location just 12 minutes from Wheat Ridge

Schedule a service appointment with an ASE-certified technician today!

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