3 Unsettling Car Problems and How a Mechanic Can Help

By Merrill Automotive | September 15, 2023

For many, the prospect of a car breaking down is terrifying because of the hassle it would bring, the money it would cost, and the risks it may pose to safety. In addition, it can be stressful to have automotive trouble and have no idea what the root of the problem is. This is where…

vehicle maintenance

4 Signs You Need to Schedule Vehicle Maintenance Service

By Merrill Automotive | August 15, 2023

Maintenance is a standard part of owning any vehicle, but many drivers aren’t sure how often to have their vehicle serviced. Far too often, they wait until there are major issues with their vehicle to reach out to a professional. Although we’re always here to get the job done, we’re also eager to help you…

auto repair

The Top 5 Auto Repair Services You’ll Need in Your Lifetime

By Merrill Automotive | July 15, 2023

While auto repair varies from vehicle to vehicle, there are certain services that are nearly impossible to do without. On top of just taking your vehicle to the shop whenever you suspect an issue, there are five important auto repair or maintenance services you will need to stay on top of to ensure your vehicle’s…

ac maintenance

Keep Cool with Trustworthy AC Maintenance from Merrill Automotive

By Merrill Automotive | June 29, 2023

Summer brings sunshine, good times, and warm weather, but it also means that the temperature inside cars and trucks rises as well. It can be a frustrating experience to ride in a vehicle that doesn’t deliver the refreshing cold air you need on your daily commute or long road trips. So, as the summer heat…

tire services

Tire Services: The Benefits of Regular Alignment, Balancing, and Rotation

By Merrill Automotive | June 15, 2023

Apart from tire repairs and replacements, getting regular tire services is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. At Merrill Automotive, we provide professional tire services performed by our certified automotive technicians to optimize your tire and wheel assembly’s safety and performance on the road. In this blog post, you’ll find more information about the three…

Testing Your Car Lights

By Merrill Automotive | February 28, 2023

Testing Your Car Lights Ensuring that the lights on your car are working correctly is a key part of ensuring the safety of yourself and others on the road. Regular car light tests let you identify if any part of the lighting system is malfunctioning and can make sure that you are always seen on…

Properly Inspecting Your Tires

By Merrill Automotive | February 28, 2023

Properly Inspecting Your Tires Inspecting tires is an important part of vehicle maintenance. An effective tire inspection should include checking for wear, proper inflation, and any other issues. Checking tires regularly helps to ensure vehicle safety and performance. This article will cover the causes of tire wear, different types of tires, how to inspect tire…

Why You Should Regularly Check Fluid Levels

By Merrill Automotive | February 28, 2023

Regularly Checking Fluid Levels Regularly checking fluid levels can be an important part of vehicle maintenance and safety. Fluid levels should be checked for optimal performance, prevention of costly repairs, and for longevity and effective operation of the vehicle. While some fluids may require more frequent checking than others, knowing how and when to check…

Tips for Inspecting Your Vehicle

By Merrill Automotive | February 28, 2023

Tips for Inspecting Your Vehicle Owning a vehicle is a big responsibility. You must ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently in order to protect yourself and anyone else on the road. Regularly inspecting your vehicle can benefit you in several ways, including helping you detect any potential problems before they become major issues…

Car Transmission Issues

By Merrill Automotive | February 28, 2023

Car Transmission Issues Having a car’s transmission malfunctioning can be an unsettling event as it is expensive and can mean substantial repair bills. Car owners should be familiar with the common causes of car transmission problems, how to diagnose car transmission issues, indicators of transmission failure, and how to prevent major repairs. This article will…

Common Issues with Brakes

By Merrill Automotive | February 28, 2023

Common Issues with Brakes The brakes of your commercial or personal vehicle are one of the most important components. This is because they are responsible for slowing down or stopping your vehicle. Without a properly functioning brake system, your car won’t be able to stop safely and you may be putting yourself and others in…

Common Alternator Problems

By Merrill Automotive | February 28, 2023

Alternator Problems An alternator is a vital component of any vehicle. It harnesses the power of the engine’s cranking to keep the battery charged and the electrical systems running in a car. Alternators help to provide power to accessories such as the radio or headlights. Without a working alternator, your vehicle won’t have the energy…