Alignment Near Me

Alignment Near Me!

Learning about Vehicle Alignments for Cars, Trucks and SUVs in Lakewood, Colorado

How is an alignment done at Merrill Automotive?

At Merrill Automotive in Lakewood, Colorado we use Hunter Engineering Alignment Machines.  These are the best and most trusted alignment machines available.  We drive the Car through our test loop to see if there is any unusual characteristics with Steering or Suspension handling.  Following the test drive, we pull the Vehicle into the shop and onto a lift.  Raise the vehicle and inspect the Front-End Suspension and Steering C components.  Then check the Rear End of the Car for issues or problems.  After verifying everything is in good condition, including the Tires.  We install the Alignment heads on the Car, one at each wheel.  Even if the rear of the Vehicle isn’t adjustable, we install heads on all four wheels.  The front and the rear of the Vehicle need to work together.  Caster, Camber and Toe are adjusted when the Vehicle Manufacturer will allow to meet specifications.  Our printout will show the before and after specs.  Following the alignment our tech will take the vehicle for a second test drive to verify the adjustments improved steering and handling.

How often do I need a Wheel Alignment for my Car?

In most cases it is beneficial to get your alignment checked once a year.  In Colorado with freeze/thaw and poor road conditions it might be necessary to have the alignment checked twice a year.  Bumping the curb, hitting a pothole or getting in an accident can knock the car out of alignment.

How do I know if my car needs an Alignment?

There can be a lot of clues.  Your car may drift to the left or right more than normal.  The steering wheel may not be centered.  This may look like you are steering to the left, but your car is going straight down the road.  Tire wear is a good indicator.  Your tires should wear evenly.  If your car or truck is in alignment and the tires are rotated regularly your tires will last much longer.

How much does an alignment cost?

Every vehicle is different and requires a specific set of calculations.  Generally getting an alignment is much more cost effective than replacing tires that continue to wear unevenly.  For the average vehicle in the Lakewood metro area a proper four-wheel alignment will run about $89 – $149.  Some Euro models, specialty vehicles like performance oriented or off-road minded vehicles will cost more to align.  Proper Alignment equipment for repair shops to buy costs about $50,000.  Then up from there.  Newer car models need computer programming in addition to the mechanical adjustments.  These computers and programming software are an extra burden for repair shops.  Not all shops know or understand the importance of this final programming step.  Make sure this has been performed by a trusted professional when getting an alignment.  At Merrill Automotive we bring training to our shop.  The instructor works with us in a classroom setting and, in the shop, to sharpen our skills and stay on top of industry updates.  We take alignments seriously.