About Trailers, Campers, 5th Wheels and RVs

If you have a new or used Trailer, Camper or Recreational Vehicle (RV) we are your go-to Repair facility. Our large Shop can accommodate the extra height and weight associated with Recreation Vehicles. Merrill Automotive in Lakewood has an oversized lift to help our skilled Mechanics safely work on your toys.

A couple of common styles of RVs are Class C and Class B – smaller configuration. A Class B that we work often can be a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis. These are gaining in popularity and known for being dependable. One of our customers is driving one around the world! A Class C is usually larger than a Class B, most Class C Motorhomes have a GM or Ford Chassis. These range from V8 to V10 engines. Maintenance on these heavy haulers is very important for a long service life. Engine Services like Oil Changes, Coolant Exchange, and Tune-Ups are a good value. Brakes are a huge factor for traveling, especially in the Mountains of Colorado. We recommend frequent Brake Inspections. At Merrill Automotive we upgrade Suspension and Steering components for both Class B and Class C RVs. With the extra weight of an RV the suspension upgrades can make a big difference. Anything to lessen driver fatigue, you want to arrive at your campsite ready to play.

Class A RVs are larger, flat front Recreational Vehicles. These are the heaviest and in most cases the longest commonly seen. We work on all Gas-powered Class A Motorhomes. The most common engine in these is the Ford Triton V10. We have replaced several that were not maintained or overworked. These can be very family-friendly travelers when well taken care of. Let our RV pros help keep yours in excellent running condition.

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We love Trailers! Most are Single or Double (Tandem) Axle. They vary in length from the tiny Tear Drop Style up to the mega 5th Wheel moving mansions with Three Axles. Most Trailers are 20’ – 30’ long with two Axles. These usually have four running Tires, one Spare tucked away for when trouble strikes. In this size, both axles have Brakes most of which are Electronically controlled. Some Trailers have Torsion Axles that don’t use Leaf Springs. Around 80% of the Trailers and Campers we see have Straight Axles. These use a Leaf Spring, U-Bolt and Shackle setup. Trailer Maintenance is much less expensive than Repair. When Bearings overheat or Brakes are not working, dangerous things can happen. Tires are very important. We can align your Axles for best Tire performance. Just like upgrading RV Suspension systems we upgrade Trailers and Campers as well. Heavy-duty Axles, Stronger Brakes, High-Quality American Made Bearings, Bigger Leaf Springs, these are all things we can help with. We can adjust the Trailer to tow better, Brake faster and improve your happiness behind the wheel.

Don’t forget about your Tow-Vehicle. We Service all Makes and Models of Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUVs. It is important to keep the Vehicle towing your Trailer or Camper in excellent condition. Towing is considered an extreme condition, let us keep your Diesel Truck Maintained. In most cases, we can Service both the Trailer and Truck or SUV at the same time. We always strive to make it easy for your busy life.