Local Automotive Repair & Maintenance Facility

Hello Friends!

When getting your vehicle or trailer maintained and repaired how do you select a shop? One source is probably the review sites and these can be helpful to provide an overall first electronic impression based on other consumers though they can be somewhat misleading. Another source may be friends and family but this can also be hard to fully trust as everyone has a different idea of what is expected. One thing for certain is that a local, independent repair facility like ours in Lakewood, Colorado is better for you and your vehicle or trailer than a national chain or dealership. Let me explain.

Large national chains are just that, large. They rely on volume of cars to meet standards set by corporate, to achieve this there is often a discounted coupon involved which brings a possible customer to the shop. These are sometimes misleading and only intended for single use customers. Dealerships rely on new customers in the system through vehicle sales. More manufactures have extended maintenance programs for less or even included with a new car, truck or SUV purchase. This helps keep a customer in the dealership, which can generate long term customers however the service is usually subpar and has been described as “cold”. You know what I’m referring to here.

At a local repair facility you will find some of the best technicians around, typically more able and willing to work on all sorts of problems. The staff is invested in the facility and the shop is invested in the staff, commonly a family culture that works day in and day out to provide outstanding service and repair for the valued customers that walk through the door each day. Local shops tend to have better hours and conditions for the staff which includes benefits, a positive culture, and some of the greatest customers in the world (at least we do). Each day is challenging but everyone works together and as a team can assist every customer with the burden of car ownership which as we all know is getting more and more expensive. Not only is supporting local “trendy” it’s also a serious no brainer when it comes to car repair. Everywhere we look corporations are expanding and leaving local out of the equation while auto repair facilities are continuing to chip away at the biggest competitors around, this is in large part to our dedication to the customers and our employees. Support local repair and maintenance facilities like Merrill Automotive in Lakewood, Colorado because we work everyday to support you and your family. Thanks for reading, we look forward to seeing your smiling faces.

The Merrill Automotive Family