Helping Others With Automotive Repair

It’s the holiday season, for which everyone is aware.  A time when busy life is sent into overdrive.  Take a regular week and pack several more events along with shopping trips and spending.  We all know the holidays are hectic.  Let’s try to be aware of this, not dwelling on the chaos but focused on the benefits.  Seeing friends and family that aren’t always in the picture.  Meeting new people in unexpected ways.  Watching children in total amazement of the magic this season brings.  For us in Colorado, January only brings colder days and tax season.  We should cherish December while we can, it’s fleeting.

This is also a time for donations.  There are toy drives and telethons, events and parties to celebrate giving.  Merrill Automotive works with Toys for Tots, a Marine Corps Reserve run organization.  This is a fun way to collect toys for children who’s parents can’t afford them.  Kids are special, they are our future – we should be investing in their health, education and happiness.

Merrill Automotive is also proud to partner with Hands of the Carpenter.  Hands of the Carpenter is a nonprofit community that serves single women in need. They address a primary issue, which is often overlooked – basic personal transportation. Founded in 2003 the program helps single women and especially mothers. A lack of transportation can make simple errands like getting groceries or taking children to daycare very difficult. Not having a reliable vehicle also jeopardizes employment. A single mother already has an overwhelming burden of feeding, clothing, sheltering and raising the kids. Without a working car those challenges become insurmountable. Merrill Automotive is blessed to work with such an amazing local organization. We work alongside Hands of the Carpenter and NAPA to repair vehicles. This service is for mothers and single women who already own vehicles. Merrill Automotive also fixes cars for donation. Hands of the Carpenter has a sister organization called Good Neighbor Garage. They perform a similar local service to women including placement of donated vehicles. Along with affordable car repairs and maintenance training in their own facility. Vehicle maintenance made simple through the bi-monthly Car Care Clinics. Together we are helping the local community get back on their feet with personal transportation.

Yes, the holidays are busy.  That is a good thing!  Remember to help those around you, it could be a neighbor, family member, or a long lost friend.  There are opportunities everywhere.  Find something you enjoy doing and apply that to helping.  We know how to fix cars so helping Hands of the Carpenter is a great fit.  We are car people, we dream about cars and trucks all the time.  Fixing them is what we like doing.  Everything from routine maintenance to heavy service and repair.  We work with Hands of the Carpenter all year as the need for transportation doesn’t rest.  However, during the season of giving it’s extra special.  Please, enjoy this time of year – it will slip by.