Ram Trucks

Ram trucks have been around for quite some time, gaining popularity in recent years.  Ram Trucks arrived at dealerships in 1981, millennials also hit the scene.  At the time we did not know what to think about Rams or millennials.  Now millennials are buying Ram Trucks more than any other brand.  It is hard to say what is driving that surge in ownership, but we are excited to see the growth.  As a category, we repair a lot of trucks.  But with more Ram Trucks hitting the streets it is now our most repaired vehicle.  We see and service more Ram trucks than any other brand.  From half ton city trucks up to medium duty diesel toy haulers we see a lot of Rams.

Suspension and steering are our specialty.  We enjoy the art of making trucks drive and handle better.  Our steering and suspension experts will test your truck’s components.  Then make relevant recommendations for the best driving experience.  When driving our vehicles every day, wear and tear occurs but may not be immediately noticeable.  One cost effective way to ensure your Ram truck is up to the challenge is getting an alignment every year.  Curbs, parking blocks, potholes and rough Colorado roads can take a toll on our trucks.  Think of an alignment as preventative maintenance.   


If you are towing and hauling in addition to commuting, truck maintenance is even more important.  While Ram trucks are tough, the extra burden will wear parts out faster.  Climbing Colorado’s mountain passes with a Turbo Diesel is a blast.  If you have not tried it, we recommend it.  But let us keep those trucks on a routine maintenance plan so we can do it over and over.  When replacing steering and suspension components we trust Moog.  A great brand with quality parts and reputation.  For over 90 years Merrill Automotive has been keeping the customer’s best interest in mind.  We want to provide our customers the best auto service experience we can.  We are not bound by a franchise or manufacturer, Merrill Automotive is a local business. 

We are committed to making your automotive experience easy and enjoyable.